A long overdue update

Once again, I’ve been MIA in my blogging. Sorry folks! Call it summertime, call it lazy, or call it, just plain frustrated with this new blog platform. Either way, I just haven’t been writing as much as I’d like to. I think about it often, daily really, but I am not happy with this new way of blogging. It really is not very user-friendly. Not only do I have to write everything from the computer, adding photos to a post is so time consuming, that I literally have to set myself a reminder to write. Basically, I’m scheduling a time to sit down and write a post and that’s not what I enjoy. I want to write when I want to write, not when I have to write. My last platform was super easy to use, they had an app, that made writing from anywhere, absolutely effortless and I could add photos directly from my phone (which is where most of them come from). With the new platform, there’s no app, it must be done on the computer and in order to have photos in the post, I have to first email them to myself, download, resize, and hope they are accepted. It becomes so much of an aggravated chore, that I just don’t blog,

The only reason I’ve continued to stay with this new platform is so that our blog address is simply:

‘o u r n a m e DOT c o m’


‘o u r n a m e DOT o t h e r p l a t f o r m n a m e DOT c o m’

So, if any of my more tech-inclined friends/readers have any tips or ideas for me, please comment below…I’m all ears!!

What have we been up to lately?

I have been focusing all my time and efforts into starting my new career, as a realtor! I have been interested in real estate for several years now, even before we decided to live on the boat, but I never pursued it, until early this year. Hubs & I attended a real estate career night and then I immediately signed up for real estate school! I completed all my courses, waited a ridiculously long time on the State of Texas  and finally became licensed. Now, I am working on building up my clientele. So, if you  {or anyone that you know} has any real estate needs in the Houston area, here is my info! And, if you know of anyone looking to buy/sell outside of my area, please share my info with them too, because you just never know! But also, because my company is international, so at the very least, I can help refer them to an agent, near where they live.

Okay, so back to boat talk…. In my last post, I told you we had painted the interior of the vberth, the stripe on the outside and the stern of the boat. We then added some wainscoting to the aft stateroom, (which brightened it up as well) and had the salon cushions redone, which really lightened up the place!! Then, we looked at the outside again, and since we had brand new paint on the stern & stripe, we thought we might as well repaint the decks too. We are getting close to being done with that, just at a standstill at the moment, with the Texas heat. Between heat indexes and humidity lately, the very last thing we want to do is be outside doing anything, much less, painting the top pf the boat with no shade, to hide under. Um, no thanks, I’ve already had a heat stroke before, not looking to experience that again!

NIeces, then nephews came for a visit… We went on vacation to Destin, Florida – so wish we could move the boat there, but you definitely pay for the pretty blue water there.  We visited one place, that had transiate slips available for $22/foot and that was their monthly rate…O U C H!!! I think we’ll just stay here, with our dirty brownish, greenish, water.

In other news, I finally learned how to clean out the A/C strainer. It’s not a glamorous job, but when it gets stopped up and the A/C quits on you, midday, the boat becomes a steamy sauna. And waiting for the one person who knows how to clean it out, return home from work just to have cool air again, is no bueno. So, I had hubs show me how to do the dirty work of it and this is what I found. Ew!!

Why the A/C stopped working

Among the dead fish, mud and gunk was also a jellyfish. that guy got away without his photo being taken and luckily, I managed to not get stung either. Maybe that was his gift to me, for not taking his photo!

BIG news {finally} r-e-v-e-a-l-e-d

 Ahhh!!! Are you ready for this??
Our boat, is no longer for sale…and, we didn’t sell her, either! We have decided to keep her, ourselves!!

As y’all know we have had our boat listed for the past few months. We knew this boat wouldn’t sell as quickly as our Catalina’s did and we were okay with that, because we really were not sure what our fourth boat was going to be, yet. We had a handful of lookers and even a prospective buyer, our friend in Singapore, but shipping quotes were absolutely astronomical and unfortunately, that fell through for him. Bummer!

When we listed the boat, we were finishing up on some repairs, updates, and installations that we had been working on already. In the time it was listed, hubs completed the wiring on the windlass, he had installed, and built companionway doors. 

Controls & Wiring Completed
New Companionway Doors
While he was doing those, I did some painting on the inside, the vberth, to be exact. The previous owner had replaced some of the wood in the vberth, but never got around to staining it.
What the vberth originally looked like…

I attempted staining it myself, but it never looked like it fit. Probably because it was the wrong type of wood, (aka, not teak). It always just looked like an afterthought…after much deliberation, I decide I was painting it white, to help brighten up the cabin! Then, I decided to paint the wood along the sides, up around the ports, to really help give it a ‘finished’ look!

Updated vberth, now bright & airy
 ….but, that’s not where the painting ended…
Joe started painting the transom. One reason, you could still see a faint outline of her old name, but I think the real reason he wanted to paint it, was because it was an opportunity for him to see how well it would look, if we ever decided to paint the whole boat. It turned out really well!! Of course, I had no doubt of his craftsmanship, he succeeds in all his attempts, no matter the subject!!
Updating the look of the stern.
 finally convinced hubs to remove the hideous, eye-sore, that was the boarding ladder. It really stuck out, like a sore thumb, once the transom had fresh paint and a shine to it. We will now need to create/design/build a new ladder, but that’s for another post.
Ladder no more!
We hadn’t quite had our fill of painting yet, so, we started painting the stripe on the hull. Joe asked me to go buy some paint….(you know, because I’m the errand girl! 😉 ) When I asked him what color, he said, “whatever color you want”….so, what color did I come back with? Seafoam, of course! He went with it, and well, now our boat is looking quite beautiful in all it’s seafoam glory!!
New stripe color on the hull
 During the time it was listed, we finished the projects that we had started, but we also kept making minor improvements. We thought, it couldn’t hurt, right? Well, it didn’t hurt the sale factor at all. In fact, it made us grow to appreciate her, all the more, and between that and the lack of showings, of our boat, we decided, she was no longer for sale.

I had been saving the name and port decal, I had bought, when we first purchased the boat and now was the time to finally add it!

Boat name & Port installed
 But the best part was when we applied the graphic that I designed, way back when…now, she is complete!
Irie design on transom

What’s it like, living on a boat, while trying to sell it?

I can tell you what it’s not like! It is not the same as when you’re trying to sell the house, you currently live in. I’ve experienced that before too, and at least with that, you have more places to hide things! Sure, you have a bigger area to clean, but you also have a huge oven that can hold a lot of dirty dishes, and a washer and dryer to throw clothes into! Washing dishes and folding clothes are usually what take up the most time (for me) when we have a surprise showing in a hour!

–> Living on a boat while trying to sell it is like:

Wife: I’ve been stuck on this boat, sick for two weeks and I’m starting to feel normal again. I think I’m gonna go shopping tomorrow!

Husband: Did my wife say she’s going shopping tomorrow? Quick, call the broker and tell him to call the wife because “someone’s coming to see the boat”…in an hour!

Broker: Sends client’s wife a text that he will be showing the boat in 45 minutes

Wife: gets a text message from the broker saying he showing the boat in 45 minutes…goes into extreme panic mode, rushes home, cleans the boat in a frenzy, gets 95% done cleaning the boat and making it look immaculate (in record time, I might add) only for the broker to send another text, saying, change of plans, never mind.

Wife: Sigh! 🙄 …you don’t think that was all part of an elaborate scheme of hubs’ to get the boat clean and for me not to go shopping? Nah, he wouldn’t do that to me…would he?

Things that make you go, hmm… 🤔

In the meantime, we have continued making improvements on the boat! Joe built new companionway doors, for easy access to the boat. No more dealing with that stupid slat, that I normally would just step over!

New Companionway Doors (pay no attention to the dirty cockpit floor)

The windlass is now fully installed, only thing left is to buy some chain. And if the nice weather keeps up and the boat doesn’t sell right away, we may even get to use it once or twice!

New Lewmar Windlass installed

Lastly, we’ve brightened up both the vberth and the stern of the boat with a fresh coat of white paint, on each!

Brightened up the vberth and added a shelf.


Updating the look of the stern.


The long awaited post about our trip to Annapolis

I’m finally getting around to posting on our trip to Annapolis, for the boat show! …I had a bit of a cancer scare and as you can imagine, that pretty much consumed my brain, for the last month or so, hence, my lack of updating the blog. But as of last week or maybe it was the week before, I found out that I am in the clear! It was not a {most-likely} benign tumor, like they originally thought, but rather, a treatable, easily fixable, large mass. I had a procedure done at the end of last month and everything should be back to normal now. Provided each yearly check-up shows the same. I am beyond thankful it wasn’t as bad as they originally thought it might be!!

Now, onto the boat show…

Annapolis Boat Show – View from aboard our friend’s boat in the mooring field.

This was our first time to Annapolis and whoa, what a cool little town!! We will definitely go visit there again, with or without a boat show!!

We took the red-eye, because it was only $50/person  and we’re cheap like that and arrived at BWI Airport at 1am Thursday. Paid way too much for a taxi because I couldn’t get the Uber app to work and arrived at the Charthouse Restaurant around 2am. Our friends, Erin & Kara who are out cruising  aboard Vela, not only invited us to stay with them on their boat, but insisted that we let them come pick us up…even though it was 2am…that’s the difference between friends and great friends!! The taxi dropped us off at the closed restaurant and we walked to the end of the dock and  waited for our friends to bring the dinghy over to get us.

The view of the harbor when we arrived

They had their boat on a mooring ball right in front of the boat show. We all said our hello’s once we got back to their boat, then went straight to bed. Woke up just a few hours later, to start the day…. Thursday, was VIP day at the boat show, and Erin managed to score us all passes, since he knew a guy, on the inside! In case you’re wondering, that is the day to walk on all the boats without having to wait in lines. Any boat we wanted to see on the inside, we just stepped aboard, no lines, no waiting, and best of all, no crowds! So what did we look at? Seeing as there were absolutely no boats, anywhere near the realm of our budget, we went with the theory of, ‘go big or go home’…. Among others, we went aboard an absolutely impeccable, Oyster74′, a gorgeous Amel 53′ and a incredible Gozzard 41’. And, I have to say, out of those three, I would take the Gozzard every day of the week, over the other two. Don’t get me wrong, the Oyster & Amel were exquisite, but when you start thinking practicality,  bigger just leads to more money, work and crew….While that may sound good to some, that’s not the life I want to live. Still, we couldn’t afford that brand new Gozzard anyhow, but she sure was a beauty!! 

74′ Oyster


Thursday afternoon, we walked around the town a bit and saw the original Capitol Building. For my history buff readers (who probably already know this), the following excerpt is from the Maryland State House site.


The Beautiful Maryland State House is the oldest state capitol still in continuous legislative use and is the only state house ever to have served as the nation’s capitol. The Continental Congress met in the Old Senate Chamber from November 26, 1783, to August 13, 1784. During that time, George Washington came before Congress to resign his commission as commander-in-chief of the Continental Army and the Treaty of Paris was ratified, marking the official end of the Revolutionary War. The State House is where the Maryland General Assembly convenes for three months each year, and the elected leadership of the state — the governor, lieutenant governor, speaker of the House of Delegates and president of the Senate — all have their offices there.”


U.S. Naval Academy

This was as close as we ever got to the Naval Academy. We actually walked right past it several times, but between the weather, the boat show and all the rest of the things we had going on, we never had a chance to take the tour. Oh well, looks like we need to make another trip!

We took a hike through Colonial Annapolis Maritime Trail and even encountered a few animals… birds, deer, turtle, and even black squirrels. I only ever see brown squirrels in Texas, so it was cool to see other types.

Black squirrel…



Picturesque walking bridge in the park.
Fall colors starting to appear.








For years now, I have followed several cruisers on social media and seeing some of them at the boat show, was kind of my star-struck moment! But, knowing that most cruisers are down-to-earth, normal peeps, I thought, I’m going to meet these people! Of course, since most of them wouldn’t recognize me, this meant, I would have to initiate the conversation…and so I did! My first sighting, was that of Jennifer & Mark from Sailing Luna Sea  Hubs and I were walking through a vendor tent and there they were! I told him to wait up because I was going to go introduce myself. The look on his face was somewhat of a surprised -shocked look, because  he knows me and knows that I’m not that much of an out-going person, unless it’s with a group of people that I already know real well! But before I could really explain it to him, I found myself walking in their direction and saying, Hello! They were incredibly nice, and even recognized me from my IG!  Their kindness,  gave me the push I needed to be a little more social, which was good, because the next day brought even more introductions! I finally got to meet Behan from Sailing Totem  She was so sweet and welcoming, even giving me a hug! It was such a cool experience meeting someone in real life, after following them for quite sometime. It’s great to put a face to the name and be able to chat with them about common interests and such. I also got to meet Carolyn from The Boat Galley Cookbook & Cat from Monday Never

I was shocked and really proud of myself for having the courage to walk up to complete strangers and introduce myself to them. I NEVER would have done that, in the past….I was way too shy of a person! But, I have definitely come out of my shell and opened up a bit! Actually, I don’t know if it was shyness or if it was that I worried too much about what other people thought of me. In any event, SHY me would have never walked up to a complete stranger and just started talking to them. But, NOW me is so relaxed and laid back, that I don’t worry about what other people think of me.  The only thing I ever got from being shy all the time, was people constantly thinking I was rude. Who wants that? 

Our lovely friends, Erin & Kara on Vela Boat hosted us for a week and gave us just the vacation we needed! We hope to one day, pay back the favor & have them come stay with us, or at least be able to buddy boat with them, sometime soon!! Thanks again, y’all, we had a blast!!


Our friend’s boat and our “hotel” for the week. 😉
Pano of Vela on a mooring ball.



Sun setting over the boat show. 




All in all, it was a fantastic experience getting to be at the show, even while we were on their boat. Some of the best parts of this lifestyle is all the interesting people you meet along the way, the ones that becomes lifetime friends, and the adventures you take together!

Great friends + good times = lifetime memories.








Merry Christmas, y’all!! 🙂

So this happened, again…

Yes! We have done it, again….Irie, is on the market! Well, the boat anyways, we’re keeping the name. Three boats in three years, just isn’t enough for us, so we are going to try our luck on another boat! 😉

Our 1983 Endeavour 40′ is For Sale

You may have noticed, I stopped referring to  her as our forever boat a few months after we bought her. So, will the next boat be our forever boat? If I knew the answer to that question, I’d tell you, but as of now, your guess is as good as mine!  As far as what the next boat will be, I’m not sure we’ve fully decided just yet! We’ve looked at everything from, buying another Catalina to a Tayana and just about everything in between, including going to the ‘dark side’ and buying a power boat. Ha! Hubs really likes the looks of the older style boats (Tayana, Valiant, Hans Christian, etc). I don’t really have a preference as long as it’s not too terribly tiny and it will keep us safe.

This is good timing, though! As we are headed to the Annapolis Boat Show this weekend!! Y’all know I love me some boat shows!! Maybe we will find a boat to buy, there!! You know, at the well used, dock. I’m sure we will see some true beauties, but if my bank account could talk, it would say, “you can’t afford a true beauty, so don’t even look at those yachts…just walk away!” 😉 Still, I am so excited to go to the mac daddy of boat shows!! This will be our first time in Annapolis and our first ever ginormous boat show….Yippee!!!

And bonus, we are super stoked that we get to see our friends, Erin & Kara, on s/v Vela. We met them last year, and became friends right away! They had their boat at Waterford as well, and left the beginning of this year to start their cruising journey!! They have graciously offered to let us stay with them aboard their boat…should be fun to be moored upfront and center of such a big boat show!

Interested in purchasing our boat? You can see the full listing detail, here. And please share with anyone who may be looking for a great, liveaboard sailboat!!